5 Japanese Foods For Delivery In The Philippines

October 8, 2021

What are the Japanese foods available for delivery in the Philippines?

  1. Karaage
  2. Gyoza
  3. Katsu Rolls
  4. Ramen
  5. Nagi Chips

Japanese food is a personal favorite for many Filipinos. Every week, people desire the refined, subtle, yet bold flavors of this cuisine. Normally, we could simply go to our favorite restaurants to satisfy our cravings. However, since we’ve been spending so much time at home, it’s become a challenge to find fresh, yummy food online. So if you’re wondering where to order great quality Japanese foods for delivery in the Philippines, look no further. Here is a list of eight foods we highly recommend adding to your cart.


Karaage is a fried dish that is quite popular in Japan. Normally eaten in restaurants and Izakayas, it is a dish of deep-fried, small cuts of chicken served with fresh lemon wedges and Japanese mayonnaise for dipping. While you can eat this dish as a main course with some rice, it also pairs well with a lot of other Japanese dishes, such as ramen.

If you’re looking to try some karaage, we highly recommend Ramen Nagi’s Chicken Karaage. You can order this online, and it comes in a box that’s good for four people. The karaage itself is popular amongst Filipinos for its crunchiness, juiciness, and hints of spice. Ramen Nagi’s karaage also comes with their special Nagi sauce, which heightens the flavors of the chicken.



If you’re familiar with Japanese restaurants or tried Japanese-style street food before, then you might have noticed one of their popular dishes — Gyoza. These delicious treats are Japanese-style dumplings made from a variety of different fillings, the most popular being ground pork and green onion.

Ramen Nagi offers their version of the famous Yaki-Gyoza, which is a style of dumpling that is fried in a pan for a short time, then steamed in the same pan. This process creates a juicy yet crispy dumpling. Ramen Nagi’s gyozas are light but meaty and very flavorful. Since they’re a crowd favorite, they now offer their gyozas to-go in boxes good for six people. No more soggy delivery food — you can finally enjoy these at home, freshly cooked!

Katsu Rolls

Katsu rolls are a spin-off of one of the best Japanese dishes — Tonkatsu. This dish is made from tender pork cutlets, dredged in panko breadcrumbs, and fried till deliciously crispy on the outside. While normally served as the main course in a Japanese restaurant, Ramen Nagi has taken this dish and transformed it into something you can enjoy with their other mouthwatering dishes.

Ramen Nagi’s Katsu rolls are bite-sized versions of the classic recipe. Like a sushi roll, the pork cutlet is prepared into small rolls, deep-fried, and served up with a healthy serving of Nagi’s original sauce. The secret ingredient? Each katsu roll has a center of molten, gooey cheese. This is definitely a must-try for Japanese food lovers in Metro Manila.



If you’re ordering these delicious ingredients and meals, what better to go with than some ramen? Ramen is the comfort food of Japan. People love it for its warmth and heartiness. It’s made with richly flavored, heavy broth, topped with chewy handmade noodles, and a wide selection of meats or vegetables.

Many restaurants offer this dish, but close to none can compete with the flavors and the quality of Ramen Nagi’s ramen. If you’re seeking authentic ramen that can satisfy your belly, then order any of their four options: Butao King, Wonder Chasu King, Red King, and the Green King. Each kind of ramen has its unique flavors, so make sure to try all of them!

Nagi Chips

Ramen is great, but sometimes you might just not be up to such a hearty meal. In that case, don’t worry — you can still enjoy ramen, or at least the flavors of ramen that you love.

Coming from Ramen Nagi are the Nagi chips! Formulated especially from their popular ramen flavors, these are made to satisfy your ramen cravings. These chips are made from fried wontons, sliced into shoestrings, and flavored with the same spices as their ramen. The Butao tastes of tonkotsu broth and rich meat, the Midorio is like the Green King ramen with its basil, olive oil, and cheese taste, the Kuroo is made from blackened garlic and squid ink, and the Akao has flavors of garlic and cayenne pepper.

How to Order

So where can you get these Japanese foods? Here at JustShop, you don’t have to spend all that time and effort driving to a physical store. In our online grocery, you can easily order the food you want, with just a few clicks. Simply load up your cart with the Japanese foods you want, and click order. We accept a variety of payment options, such as Visa, Mastercard, online banking, GCash, and more.

Worried about the delivery? Don’t be! We have a set delivery schedule every Wednesday and Saturday. Plus, we make sure to offer affordable shipping fees to help you get the best value from our services. Furthermore, you can keep track of your orders 24/7 via our website.

Key Takeaway

Many of us love Japanese food, there’s no doubt about it. But, as much as we love it, it can be hard to find well-made options that we can enjoy at home. The quality of the ready-made dishes can make or break our dining experience. So the next time your food cravings hit, don’t leave it up to chance; instead, try these Japanese foods for delivery in the Philippines from JustShop to ensure your satisfaction.