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Order Grocery Online In Manila From JustShop

If you’re busy working from home and don’t have enough time to shop after your shift, we’ve got good news for you! You can order your grocery online in Manila! Instead of having to gas up your car or commute to the supermarket just to end up having to carry your heavy groceries yourself, you can enjoy speedy deliveries here at JustShop. We have a wide selection of products—from frozen goods, alcoholic drinks, and more. Read on!

How To Order Grocery Online From JustShop

Compared to your traditional supermarket, JustShop is a 24/7 online grocery in Manila that you can access from your smartphone or computer. Here’s how you can order your grocery online in Manila!

Scroll Through Our Wide Selection Of Products

JustShop offers countless product options for online shoppers. The best part? We are always updating our grocery list! Check out JustShop from time to time for new items and goodies.

As you explore our website, you will be greeted with a selection of products on the JustShop one-stop-shop. If you are craving Australian Angus Beef or premium-quality seafood, we have it here! We can deliver frozen salmon or Chilean seabass to your doorstep. You can also scroll our list of snacks, non-alcoholic drinks, alcoholic beverages, canned goods, DIY meal kits, and many more!

Choose From The Safe And Secure Payment Options

Before you check out your items, you just need to provide your delivery details and choose the most convenient payment option for you. Online banking also lessens physical contact with the delivery man.

Here at JustShop, we provide multiple payment options (BDO, Metrobank, Credit Card, Gcash, and Grabpay) so you can order your grocery online in Manila safely, securely, and without a hassle.

Add Your Products To Cart

If you are interested in buying our affordable but high-quality products, you can add them to your cart. Because you can see the total price, you can stick to your grocery budget! JustShop is also open 24/7 from your mobile phone or computer, so you can update your list throughout the day before you order your grocery online in Manila.

Check Out And Enjoy Speedy Delivery Services

All that is left is to confirm everything and place your order. We provide affordable delivery rates, so it is worth it to order your grocery online in Manila instead of making the effort to shop at your local grocery if you want to save money on gas and fare. Wait for our delivery confirmation and we will be there soon!

Reasons To Order Grocery Online In Manila From JustShop

Whether you are busy with your work, don’t have enough time to visit a physical store, or just want to save time and energy, you will benefit from shopping at JustShop. If you order your grocery online in Manila, you can experience these perks!

Avoid Crowds And Traffic

If you are commuting to the local supermarket, you need to endure the heat of riding a jeepney, pay for an expensive taxi bill, and make contact with people on the way. The experience might be better if you drive your car, but you also have to spend money on fuel and maneuver through Manila’s roads—which are always under heavy traffic. Because most people shop on the weekends, you will also encounter a crowd of shoppers!

But if you order your grocery online in Manila here at JustShop, you can shop from the comforts of your home.


Eliminate Effort And Save Energy

If you’ve been shopping at a local supermarket, you might be exhausted after a few hours of walking up and down the aisles. If you forget something, you have to spend extra energy walking back to a specific aisle.

But here at JustShop, you can order grocery online in Manila with just a click of a button! This way, you can just relax during your free time and still have the energy for other important things.

Easier Price Comparisons

Speaking of walking up and down the aisle, if you are constantly handling a pushcart, it might be difficult to go back and forth inside the supermarket to compare prices. Even if you are trying to save money on your grocery items, you will end up with too much lost time.

If you need to compare prices, you can do it here at JustShop! Just scroll through our website and you can see the cost of each product. This way, shopping will be easier for you.


Save Money

Here at JustShop, you can save money on transportation and enjoy the affordable prices of our products. We have limited-time discounts and promos available, so be sure to take advantage of the deals as supplies last. This way, you can shop within your budget and have extra money for other things!

To enjoy huge savings, you can order your grocery online in Manila today here at JustShop!

Shop Anytime, Anywhere

If you are shopping at a supermarket, you might have a limited time to complete your grocery list. If you realize that you forgot something, you need to return to the grocery—which can be inconvenient. You are also restricted by the store hours so if you work multiple jobs, you do not have enough time to buy your needs.

But here at JustShop, you can shop for groceries wherever you are anytime! You can order your grocery online in Manila from your phone and update your cart throughout the day. That means you can browse after store hours, spend a long time deciding on what to buy, and have your items delivered when you are at home! Here are the areas that we deliver to:

  • Malabon
  • Navotas
  • Caloocan
  • Valenzuela
  • Quezon City
  • Marikina
  • Pasig
  • Taguig
  • Pateros
  • Makati
  • Manila
  • Mandaluyong
  • San Juan
  • Pasay
  • Paranaque
  • Las Pinas
  • Muntinlupa

Order Your Grocery Online In Manila Here At JustShop!

With all the perks of shopping at JustShop, you can order your grocery online in Manila conveniently without having to leave your home. This helps you save time and energy for other activities, whether it is bonding with your family, working from home, or completing your chores.

For additional questions, suggestions, and feedback, you can send a message here anytime.

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