How does JustShop collect your information?

There are numerous ways in which we can collect the data and personal information you provide. This can include inquiring about our products, services, customer feedback, and providing payment, billing, and delivery information. There will also be times when we would request that certain information and data would be updated in order to continue providing you with our services.

Here are other ways in which we can collect data from you:

Visiting the JustShop Website: By using the JustShop website, you agree to the processing of your personal information.

You also agree to our use of cookies and Google web analytics as explained here [] so that we may analyze statistics on the usage of our websites and digital platforms so that we may optimize our customers’ online and digital experience.

Please be informed that the JustShop website may include links to websites not owned and/or operated by the company. These sites may also collect information about you in accordance with their privacy statements. We encourage you to read the privacy statements of these websites as we will not be responsible for websites that are not operated by us.

Access the JustShop Social Media Pages: Any public interaction from the user to the social media pages of JustShop will be kept as such. This includes integrating your profile into our social media channels, along with public posts and media. Keep in mind that you can control the information you can share by adjusting your social media privacy settings.

Accessing through mobile devices: We can access information such as the name of your mobile carrier, location, operating system, and your mobile IP address.

How JustShop uses your data

By providing your data to JustShop, we can use your data for the following purposes:

  • Process orders
  • Process payment information
  • Deliver orders
  • Provide updates about the latest promos and packages
  • Defend and explain legal claims and complaints
  • Conduct data analytics to optimize the website, products, and services of JustShop

Rights as a Data Subject

Under the Data Privacy Act of 2012, you have the right to do the following:

Access Personal Data and Information - It is possible for individuals to request access to any of their personal data and information by JustShop, only subject to certain restrictions. A request for disclosure of personal data and information is a Subject Access Request and can be requested to the company when needed.

Make corrections to Personal Data and Information - The DPA requires the company to take the necessary procedures to make sure that any personal data and information processed is accurate and up-to-date. It is the responsibility of the data subject to notify us of any changes to personal data and information that you have provided.

Object to the processing of Personal Data and Information - You have the right to object or reject the processing of your personal data and information, including processing for marketing purposes. You shall also be informed and be given the right to withhold consent to the processing of your data and information should new policies and amendments be present.

Erasure or blocking of Personal Data and Information - You have the right to suspend, withdraw or order the blocking, removal or destruction of your personal data and information from the company’s database.

Be informed of the existence of processing of Personal Data and Information - You have a right to be informed whether Personal Data pertaining to you is being processed or have been processed, this includes the existence of automated programs and systems that process data.

Damages - Upon presentation of a valid legal decision, you have the right to be legally punished for any damages that can be sustained due to mistaken, incomplete, malicious, unlawful or unauthorized use of personal data and information, taking into account any violation of your rights and freedoms as a data subject.

As a data subject, you also have the right to lodge a complaint before the National Privacy Commission.

Sharing of Personal Data

JustShop may allow third parties to access your data for the following purposes

  • Legal claims and disputes
  • Data research and analysis
  • Company data auditing and processing
  • Response to law enforcement

How Data is Stored Protected

JustShop stores your personal data and information through company storage devices, and through computers and devices by company employees and management. Physical documents would also be stored within company premises for processing during transactions and inquiries.

Your personal data and information are also protected by JustShop through a number of practices and policies that prevent it from being used for purposes outside the operations of the company. The company ensures that data and information are stored in secure locations, and are handled by employees and management in a proper and ethical manner. Employees are also trained in handling information properly, ensuring that your data is only used for company operations

Accessing and Updating Information

Users have the right to request access to their own information and have it updated when necessary. You may contact the company to have your personal data and information updated or removed when necessary, or have it validated. JustShop will take the necessary steps to update and provide you with your personal data and information.

Privacy Policy