6 Supermarket Items You Can Buy For A Movie Night

August 29, 2020

What are some good supermarket items for movie night? 

  1. Popcorn
  2. Chips
  3. Dip
  4. Pretzels
  5. Beer
  6. Wine

As we go back into quarantine, now is the best time to host a virtual movie marathon with your friends and family. However, just because it’s happening at home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go the extra mile in preparing for it. Any movie night calls for some snacks and drinks to enjoy while watching your chosen flick. To complete your event, use our list of recommended supermarket items for movie night and satisfy your food cravings.


It’s hard for many to imagine watching feature films of the month without a bucket of buttery, salty popcorn. The smell and sight of this snack are deeply ingrained in our movie-watching experience and are a long-time favorite of many movie-goers. 

To add to the appeal of this snack is its versatility. Aside from the classic salt and butter flavor, you can also spice up your popcorn with powdered flavorings, such as white cheddar, nacho cheese, garlic, and herb, or BBQ. Not a fan of the savory flavors? You could also use sweet add-ons — like chocolate, syrup, and caramel — to satisfy your taste buds on your movie night.

To add this to your menu, you can simply buy ready-to-cook packs at the supermarket store and pop them into your microwave a few minutes before the film starts. If you’d like to try making them on your own, you can try cooking some kernels with salt and butter on the stove or using a popcorn maker.

the Healthy Tropics 100% Natural Philippine Banana Chips

Unlike in the theatre where crunchy noises are frowned upon, you can snack on your favorite chips without worrying about disturbing others. Even if your video call is packed with people, you can simply mute your mic before taking a bite into your snack to prevent your noises from being picked up by the call. 

Like popcorn, chips are a classic and easy snack to pick up at your supermarket. Also, there are plenty of chip options for you to choose from — from vinegar and salt to tortilla chips — which makes it perfect when catering to a group with varied tastes.

If you’re craving a crunchy snack but want to have something healthier, there are also options made from your favorite fruits and veggies. A Filipino favorite is the Healthy Tropics 100% Natural Philippine Banana Chips, which are a tasty yet nutritious snack to have while watching your movie. Not fond of bananas? Try having some of the Healthy Tropics 100% Natural Philippine Sweet Potato Chips instead!


When you have chips, you have to pair them with the right dip to elevate your snack. This even works well with other snacks like fries or savory pretzels. While there are many options available at the supermarket — like fresh onion, guacamole, spinach, and cheese — you can also pick up some ingredients to whip up a batch at home.

For example, you can make spicy mayo with some sriracha, mayo, lime juice, and cajun seasoning — perfect with some fresh fries or thick-cut potato chips. You could also bust out your blender to make an herbed cheese dip by mixing some feta, parsley, dill, olive oil, and pepper. 

Pairing your snacks this way will let you enjoy a variety of flavors with your chosen snack. Prepare your dip of choice to end your night with some good movies and food. 


Pretzels are another staple when going to the movies. From hard to soft pretzels, to savory and sweet flavorings, this option is enjoyable for many to munch on while looking at a screen. 

You can buy some pretzels at the supermarket and heat them in the oven before your movie begins. Spicing them up when they’re warm with some seasoning — like garlic or onion powder — or flavored salt can improve the savory taste. If you’re going for sweeter notes, add some cinnamon and sugar instead.


Beer is the perfect drink for pretty much any snack on this list! Whether choosing craft beer, the world’s best-selling Tsingtao Beer, or stouts, you can find that each option is refreshing and filling — a great refreshment to have while watching your film.

You can pair your craft beer with fruity notes with something savory, like some BBQ-flavored chips. Or you could have some light pale lagers with a bold snack — like our previously mentioned spicy mayo dip and fries. Whatever your preferences are, there’s a beer and snack pairing out there that provides a complex and satisfying taste experience for your movie night.

Fonda Real Red Wine

If you’re not into beer, then we recommend picking up a bottle of wine the next time you’re at the supermarket. After all, who doesn’t love a few glasses of your favorite wine when watching a romcom? 

Picking something with interesting aromas and finishes can add some excitement to your virtual movie marathons with friends. You can try buying new types or different brands and mixing and matching them with your snacks. Our top pick is a crisp glass of the medium-bodied Fonda Real Red Wine and some nutty cheese like gruyere — a classy pairing for a great film experience!

If you find some wines too intense for your tastes, we also recommend rose wine. With its more subtle woody flavors and sweet aftertaste, it is perfect for those looking for lighter drinks. Wines like Tempranillo Rose Wine are perfect when paired with sides like handmade pizza or some jamón iberico.

Key Takeaway

While our movie nights might currently be restricted to our homes, we don’t have to be restricted with our snack choices. Take this chance to have fun and experiment with your food while in quarantine. The next time you’re planning for a virtual hangout with your friends, keep our suggestions in mind so you can pick up some items from the supermarket for movie night.