6 Tips For Online Grocery Shopping During COVID-19

August 26, 2021

What are some good tips for online grocery shopping during COVID-19?

  1. Place your orders in advance
  2. Make your list as you go
  3. Try out new product options
  4. Opt for contactless payment options
  5. Reduce contact with “touchless” delivery
  6. Wipe product packaging with disinfectants

Online grocery shopping in the Philippines has been the best way to purchase groceries during the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of increasing the risk of catching the virus by going to physical supermarkets, it has allowed consumers to stay safe while getting all their needs from their homes. Plus, it’s more convenient and practical too! Online grocery shopping saves fuel, time, and effort. If you want to maximize your experience, here are some tips for online grocery shopping during these times! Read on.

Place Your Orders In Advance

Because of the pandemic, plenty of customers are doing their shopping online. If you’re shopping in a popular store, you might have to place your orders in advance to ensure that they have stocks available. For example, alcoholic beverages like Tsingtao Beer and Snow Beer are well-known but are not available in some physical stores. If you’re really in need of these items, make sure to order them in advance.

Make Your List As You Go

Make your list as you go

One tip to maximize the benefits of online shopping is to make your list as you go. For example, you recently ran out of salmon steak. Immediately head on to the website or the app and add that product to your cart. After that, you can continue with the rest of your day. Repeat the process until you check out.

This method helps you reduce stress when shopping for groceries. You will also be far less likely to forget the products you need.

Try Out New Product Options

When you’re shopping online, you will have more time to explore products. Chances are high that you will see hard-to-find items in online groceries. You might also notice some new products that you never heard of before.

When shopping for your groceries, you can include one product that you’re not familiar with. This way, you will get to try out a variety of food, beverages, and snacks! For instance, instead of normal diapers, you might want to try out eco-friendly diapers. If you’re conscious about your health during the pandemic, you can also try out healthier drinks such as Lemon Moringa Iced tea, and the like.

Opt For Contactless Payment Options

Opt for contactless payment options

Depending on the online grocery you’re transacting with, you might get the option to pay via cash on delivery, credit card, or online bank transfer. If you want to maximize the benefits of online shopping, opt for contactless payments. Settle your payments online, so you can reduce contact with other people. Bills carry a lot of germs — paying online is safer for you and your family.

Besides, contactless payments are more convenient too! You don’t need to find an ATM and withdraw to pay for your online purchases. You can also track your expenses, which is useful if you’re budgeting.

Reduce Contact With “Touchless” Delivery

Apart from the payment method, you can further reduce contact with other people through touchless delivery. Online grocery stores and delivery personnel understand this concept and will willingly accommodate your preferences. Apart from keeping your family safe, it also helps protect the delivery people too!

During a touchless delivery, the assigned personnel will leave your orders at a safe place—whether it’s at the front of your gate, door, or the like. They will step back as you take your package with you inside. This way, you can still follow social distancing protocols while receiving your delivery.

Wipe Product Packaging With Disinfectants
Wipe product packaging with disinfectants

Remember, viruses can survive on surfaces for hours, up to several days. It is highly recommended to take precautions when handling your delivery packages. Online grocery stores are doing their best to minimize the spread of the virus by disinfecting storage rooms, keeping track of their worker’s health, offering contactless payment and delivery options, and the like—but it is also important to do your part.

After receiving your groceries, remove the product packaging and discard it immediately. You can also use alcohol to gently wipe bottles and containers, but make sure that it won’t seep into the food and drinks.

Key Takeaway

By using these tips for online grocery shopping during COVID-19, you can maximize the benefits of purchasing products from the comfort of your home, while keeping your family and delivery personnel safe. Remember to order in advance, opt for contactless options, and disinfect packaging as soon as you receive your orders.

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