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Bird's Nest 500 grams 燕窩

PHP 66,810.00

Bird’s nest 500 grams 燕窩, about 60 to 80 pieces.

All clean, just rinse and Bird’s Nest 500 grams is ready to boil.

100% pure and authentic Bird’s Nest
White Bird’s Nest (Grade AAAA)
Harvested in bird house, not from caves
All natural cleaning process following strict cleaning standards
Dried bird’s nest, not bleached, no chemicals, no preservatives
Processed and handled with care
Best for Seniors, great for all ages

Benefits of consuming bird’s nest:
1. Good for the skin
2. Supplement for prenatal and postnatal health.
3. Anti-Aging food supplement.
4. Traditional Chinese Medicine, supplement for the heart, lungs, and internal organs.
5. Improves immune system


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