5 Online Supermarket Foods For The Rainy Season

August 28, 2021

What are great supermarket foods for the rainy season?

  1. Soup
  2. Noodles
  3. Tea
  4. Coffee
  5. Pandesal

As the rainfalls and cooler days begin to set in over the Philippines, stocking our fridges and cabinets with the right food for the rainy weather is something on everyone’s minds. Everyone needs some warm and comforting meals to help pump themselves up in the cold, so here are our recommendations for the best supermarket foods for the rainy season. 


What better time than during a rainy day than to settle in with some hot soup? A bowl of something hearty and warm can be extra enjoyable when it’s pouring out — which is why we highly recommend buying some extra ingredients for soup the next time you’re at the grocery this month.

Soup can also help those who’ve come down with a cold during this season and can provide a lot of comfort and warmth. You can clear out your sinuses with some hot soup, and have something light and easy on your stomach as you recover. 

We recommend taking advantage of this weather and buying some ingredients for the classics — monggo, mushroom, tomato, egg drop — which you’ll be sure to enjoy in the next few weeks of rain.

Ramen Nagi Ramen

Noodles are also a great meal for Filipinos on a rainy day! Family favorites like Sopas make for excellent merienda or lunch when there’s a downpour. The familiar taste, hot broth, and delicious noodles and toppings make for the perfect comfort meal.

Another great option is a bit less traditional but just as tasty and soothing. Ramen is one of the best meals you can have on a rainy day. Ever heard someone say that this dish somehow tastes better when there’s rain? There’s some truth to that!

When it rains, atmospheric pressure drops, which affects how the ramen and broth are cooked. On a rainy day, ramen can produce and absorb more umami particles as it’s being cooked — making the flavor richer and more pronounced. This extra-delicious bowl of hot ramen is a great way to feel full and warm despite the cold weather. You don’t even have to make it from scratch — you can buy ready-made and easily assembled ramen online!

Not a fan of soupy noodles? Now’s the perfect time to make a simple yet flavorful dish — Ram-don. You may know it from the movie “Parasite”, which made this noodle recipe quite popular. Its saucy and slightly spicy taste makes it a big favorite for many people, and an added plus is that you only need three ingredients. Jjapagetti and Neoguri instant noodles (available at any Korean grocery) and some steak.

Whatever your preferences are, there’s a lot of noodle dishes out there that can satisfy your rainy day cravings, and keep you nice and warm in the comfort of your home. 


When it rains, you just need to have a hot drink in your hands. It’s practically a necessity for some, and it provides a lot of comfort on a colder day. When it comes to tea, many people enjoy having a warm mug in hand while watching the rainfall from their windows. 

During the monsoon season, many people will opt to drink teas infused with herbs and citrus. This is due to the health benefits that people can easily get in their cups of herbal tea. When the weather can be conducive to illness, it is best to take in the right nutrients and vitamins to protect yourself. 

A popular choice for herbal teas is Ginger tea — such as Healthy Tropics Philippine Ginger Tea — which is made from fresh ginger and infused with stevia to create a comforting beverage with several health benefits. This tea aids in digestion improves blood circulation and provides support to your immune system

Healthy moringa coffee

Not a tea-lover? Coffee is also great for gloomy weather. These kinds of days are some of the best times to enjoy a warm cup of coffee. It can provide you with the warmth you’re missing, and give you an energy boost for the rest of your day. 

Be careful about drinking too much coffee in this weather though, as drinking regular coffee can cause acidity and digestive problems. However, switching to alternative coffee types can help you to enjoy that warm cup without worry. One great option for you is Moringa coffee, which is known for its antioxidant and anti-acidic properties.

Pan de Sal

Buying pandesal from the supermarket has become a habit when the rainy season starts approaching, and for good reason. A classic Filipino favorite for breakfast on a rainy day is pandesal, lightly toasted, and dipped in warm coffee. Almost every Filipino child has tried this, and this tradition is deeply ingrained in our culture. 

Aside from breakfast, it’s also good food for merienda on a rainy day. Akin to comfort food, having some warm pandesal with a fresh cup of coffee will help you feel relaxed and sated even on a busy, gloomy day. If coffee isn’t something you enjoy, switching it up with a cup of hot chocolate is also a good way to enjoy this classic snack!

Key Takeaway

Whether you’re shopping at your local store or buying your groceries online from JustShop, choosing the right foods and preparing for the rainy season is important for every household. Make sure to stock up before the weather gets too rough out. Follow our list of the best supermarket foods for the rainy season and be ready for some cozy days indoors!