How to Save Money on Groceries Online

February 4, 2022

When we go grocery shopping — whether in person or online — how much we’re going to spend is always on our minds. Some people might think that buying from an online supermarket will always be a cost-efficient and convenient choice, but you can easily spend more on your online groceries than you thought if you’re not careful. 

If you’re wondering how to save money on online groceries, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we give you seven handy tips to stay on budget — read on!

Follow basic grocery tips

Even if you’ve fully switched over to online groceries, there are lots of basic grocery tips that help just as much when you’re shopping at home and can keep you on budget. For example, creating a meal plan and a shopping list will make sure you’re buying exactly what you need for the week. Limiting your browsing of the online grocery store while hungry will limit your impulse buys. 

These basic tips on how to spend less on your weekly shopping are just as helpful even if you’re shopping online. So, all the things you’d normally do to save money on your groceries, do them when scrolling through your grocery’s website.

Always double-check your order

Always double-check your order
Online shopping makes it somewhat easier to stick to a list and a budget, but endless scrolling and scanning can tempt you to deviate from your good shopping habits. But, if you’re concerned about saving money, try to avoid buying more than you need. Do a specific search for the grocery items on your list, add them to your cart, and move on to the next item. 

Once you’re done with your orders, always double-check your cart! You may have overlooked some essential items, or accidentally ordered too much of one thing. While some online groceries allow you to make adjustments to your cart after you click “order,” this time is limited — plus, it’s not always offered. If you’re not mindful of what’s in your cart, you’ll end up spending more on additional orders, or items you didn’t need. 

Check when items are restocked or on sale

Many grocery websites have features that allow you to set alerts for when items come back in stock, or when they offer special events and sales. This feature is great if you’ve been looking for a specific product, want to make the most out of a buy-1-get-1 deal, or want to buy your items in bulk. This feature is especially important if your grocery has what you want, but it doesn’t currently fit in with your weekly budget. You could set an alert and wait for a sale to get a better deal. 

Look for coupon codes and promos
Look for coupon codes and promos

When you’re on your grocery’s website, make sure to check what coupon codes, promos, and other bonuses they offer. Some stores will offer running special deals for new customers, loyalty rewards, and other deals for events. 

If you’re a regular customer, you may even be offered product-specific codes and promos while you’re loading up your cart. These special offers differ from in-store sales and deals, so it’s always worth it to look around for them before finalizing your order.

Prepare to hit the minimum order

Some online grocery stores set a minimum amount for you to qualify for delivery services and offers — such as free shipping or long-distance deliveries. If this is something you’re concerned with, then check if your chosen grocery requires a minimum order fee, and be prepared to hit it every time you do your shopping. 

If not, you may find that your bills are more than you budgeted for. Some groceries will charge you full shipping even for small orders, while others may add on a “small order fee.” If your grocery list normally falls short of this minimum order, then we recommend waiting to shop until your list is full enough to hit it — and avoid extra fees.

Be flexible about substitutions
Be flexible about substitutions

Just like if you went to the grocery store in person, shopping for your food and home supplies online will not always work out as planned. You might find that your staples are out of stock — and you’ll need to decide if you’re okay with substitutes. 

These might be just replacing an item with a similar one — like instead of your usual rice, you could try Adlai for a week. Or, it could be substituting your favorites with another brand. Either way, there will be times where you have to be a bit flexible about your orders. Otherwise, you’ll end up ordering multiple times in a month to get the exact items on your list, which racks up delivery fees. 

Try using your credit card

Shopping for groceries online may be a good time to use your credit card. Using your card can give you rewards — like cash back, points, and other credit card benefits. If you don’t have a credit card, other payment options like GCash and GrabPay also offer programs and codes that help you earn extra savings with every purchase. With this tip, we highly recommend sticking with a payment option you can pay off right away, to avoid any financial issues and make the most out of your payment or credit promos. 

Key Takeaway

Concerned about how to save money on your online groceries? These tips and tricks of the trade will help you make each shopping trip as cost-effective as possible. And, make sure to always shop at a store that offers the best value for your money — like JustShop! We offer the convenience and flexibility to select your groceries in the comfort of your home, with special deals and promos every month to help you make the most out of each order.