7 Home Essentials to Buy From an Online Supermarket

February 21, 2022


What are home essentials I should buy online?

  1. Napkins and paper towels
  2. Sanitary pads
  3. Dishwashing paste
  4. Trashbags
  5. Disposable utensils
  6. Toiletries
  7. Food staples

Ever since the start of the pandemic, more and more Filipinos have discovered the joys of online shopping. We spend hours each day enjoying all the internet has to offer — online shopping is now a daily activity that allows regular folks to purchase anything they want with just a few taps on our screens. 

If you’re among the internet-savvy, you may already be shopping for your household online. If you haven’t tried doing your groceries online, you should — there are many home essentials to buy online. People who regularly shop for such items online can easily restock their homes while enjoying many benefits. Read on to learn what you can buy, and the advantages of shopping from online grocery stores!

Why should I buy these home essentials from my online supermarket?

The common question that people ask before switching to online grocery shopping is this. The fact is, there are many advantages to doing your shopping online, which are:


There is an unbeatable level of convenience to doing your weekly shopping online. Going to the supermarket in real life is still a taxing activity. Shopping for your home essentials online requires less time and energy, as you can do it from the comfort of your home. You can do it during your free time as well — even if it’s well after regular store hours. Online groceries will always receive your order and deliver it as scheduled. All you have to do is fill your cart, pay for your order, and wait for your items to arrive at your doorstep.

Better deals

Online groceries like JustShop offer competitive prices and deals to the benefit of their customers. When you visit our website, you’ll always see new sales, promos, and discounts that you can avail of — allowing you to make the most out of your grocery budget. 

Different modes of payment

Limited payment options are no longer an issue — you can now use credit, debit, and even e-wallets apps like GCash to pay for your online grocery purchases. 

These benefits make it hassle-free to restock your home with the essentials from JustShop, such as:

Napkins and paper towels

Napkins and paper towels are must-have items in any kitchen. They help clean up all the messes that might happen while cooking and eating at home. Plus, they prevent cleaning issues like cross-contamination or germ growth on surfaces like your tables and countertops.

Keeping your kitchen, dining room, and other common areas in your home clean is convenient with the napkins and paper towels from JustShop. We offer 2-ply Pull Up Napkins (100 pulls per pack), and Interfolded Hand Towels (150 pulls per pack) — both in bulk (each purchase comes with 10 packs).

Sanitary pads

Sanitary napkins are another essential product for the household that you can order online. JustShop offers natural, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly options from Nala. Their tampons, night pads, day pads, and pantyliners are all made of organic cotton layers, which offer maximum absorbency and create the optimal humidity that is compatible with your natural pH levels — all while feeling soft and pleasant on the skin. These products are leak-proof and are free of all the harmful chemicals found in traditional sanitary pads. 

Dishwashing paste

Every household needs dish care products like dishwashing paste. Using a paste rather than liquid solutions is a cost-effective and efficient way of cleaning your dirty dishes. JustShop carries Kleenol, which is a semi-solid paste with added abrasives that improve its scrubbing and cleaning power. This product lasts longer than most liquid cleaners, takes less counter space, and uses less water and packaging overall. Adding this dishwashing paste to your cart will help you get your dishes done faster with less effort.


Segregating and removing the trash from your home is made easier with trash bags — making it essential for the home. At JustShop, you can buy the Cassabag — a compostable trash bag made from cornstarch and other natural materials. This trash bag can be used for many things, such as trash, dirty laundry, and even temporary storage or coverage for groceries and supplies. This is a great alternative to conventional plastic trash bags, and can even be reused up to five times. 

Disposable utensils

If you are planning to have guests over, or bringing your family out for a picnic, or just need some utensil options on hand, then check out JustShop’s disposable utensils. We carry products like bamboo eco straws, wooden cutlery, paper cups, eco bento boxes, corn-based cling wrap, and much more. The biggest advantage of buying a few sets of these for your home is that you have a safe, convenient, and disposable option for guests and other people to use. Plus, our disposable utensils are all organic — meaning less plastic and harmful chemicals will end up in our landfills. 


Have a baby at home? Toiletries like baby wipes are essential for your home. JustShop’s B Care and Eco Boom wipes are great for removing dirt and irritants from sensitive baby skin without using harsh chemicals or scratchy material. Besides helping keep your baby’s diaper area clean, baby wipes are also useful for cleaning up their hands, faces, and even their toys and furniture. 

Food staples

Throwing together a quick yet nutritious meal can be challenging for many people — especially since most foods are perishable. But this can be achieved by buying a few kitchen staples for your home from an online supermarket like JustShop. Things like canned goods, frozen meat, and stable foods like adlai will help you make nutrient-dense meals and snacks — even when you’re out of your typical go-to foods. These are generally okay to keep in your pantry and freezer for long periods. 

Key Takeaway

From our list of home essentials to buy online, you can see that shopping for your household can be safe, easy, and convenient with JustShop. Nowadays, you can fill up your pantry and get all the supplies you need to run your home — all without stepping one foot outside! Check out our online store for other brands and products you may need.