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Ah Yat Braised Abalone 1 can (6 heads) with Dried Scallop in Brown Sauce, 420grams

PHP 1,999.00

Quantity: 6 heads per can
– Strictly selected top quality fresh abalone.
– The abalone meat is soft, tender and smooth.
– The Brown Sauce is superior in taste.
– Rich in protein, vitamin K, vitamin E and iron.
– Excess brown sauce can be stored in freezer for future use.
– Ready to eat out of the can. Simply reheat and serve.
– In traditional Chinese medicine, abalone is a “yin” food. It moistens the
lungs, cleanses the liver and clears away head, relieving dry coughs and
– Renowned Hong Kong abalone brand, Ah Yat’s Braised Canned Abalone in
brown Sauce is made with top notch fresh abalone. Ah Yat’s unique secret
sauce and cooking method complement the sweet and meaty flavor of the
fresh abalone perfectly.
– In Chinese Culture, eating abalone can give people good fortune and
abundance for the whole year. That is why this is commonly consumed
during Chinese New Year and all Year Round.
– Great to enjoy for family gatherings, birthday and wedding celebrations.
– Good Food for Good Fortune!


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